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Reflection on Peace Treaty, phase II ––

Reflection on Peace Treaty is an ongoing (and ongrowing) project involving mixed media. This project is design to explore the possibility of a diverse natural world and a complex civilization within it. A society that have near to none ecological footprint. 


Throughout this oeuvre, which spans sculpture, drawing, painting, and text, St Leon challenges our centrist sensibility, introducing the prospect of coexistence; establishing a diverse rich natural world while maintaining a high life quality.


Phase I – a midsize 3D model of a province – was an introduction to the artist’s continuing investigation of a more sustainable lifestyle that works for both people and the planet. This model of an 'alternative reality' was introduced to the public in a performance that took place in the summer of 2019 in Washington Square Park, NYC.


The recent drawings, which are part of phase II of this project, are intricate and meditative. The compositions blur the boundaries between prosaic and imaginative registers, while bringing into form a delicate and complex presentation of landscapes, which can be looked at as a state of mind rather than a depiction of reality. These drawings carry the ability to make the relationship between ‘what’ and ‘if’ flow. 

New City 10.jpg
New City 08.jpg
New City 22.jpg
New City 13.jpg
New City 14.jpg
03_New City_14 October, 2021_96DPI.jpg
02_New City_14 October, 2021_96DPI.jpg
New City 04A.jpg
New City 21.jpg
New City 17.jpg
New City 02.jpg
01_New City_14 October, 2021_96DPI.jpg

Reflection on Peace Treaty, phase I ––

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